Charitable Activity

The Dyers’ Almshouse Charity CIO

The Dyers’ Almshouse Charity  CIO is registered with the Charity Commissioners for England & Wales (No. 271560).


The first Dyers’ Almshouses were founded in the City of London in 1545, to look after dyers or their families who were elderly or fallen on hard times.  Through generous bequests from members of the Company over the following centuries several more Almshouses were added, but were in various parts of London.  Eventually the Company decided to amalgamate them for convenience, and commissioned new Almshouse at Balls Pond in Islington.  The architect, Samuel Teulon, completed the first wing in 1841, and the second in 1850.  However in 1938, with smogs a regular occurence, the London environment was deemed unhealthy and the Almshouses were moved to Crawley, which at the time was a rural market town.

The Crawley Almshouses

OurAlmshouses today are situated in a 2½ acre conservation area in the centre of Crawley.  Built in the Arts & Crafts style they consist of thirty terraced bungalows on three sides of a garden square.  Each has a sitting room, double bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, and an allotment size garden at the rear. There is also a communal room for activities and small events.

A history of the story of how The Dyers bought the land at Crawley can be found at the bottom of this page.

Becoming an Almsperson

We maintain a short waiting list of prospective residents who have been through the application process and selected as suitable residents.  The list is replenished every few years when a vacancy arises but the waiting list has been exhausted, and adverts are placed inviting applictions for residence.

Applicants are asked to complete a detailed application form, and those who are considered potentially suitable are invited to interview at the Almshouses.  If appropriate, a further appointment is made to visit the applicant at home to assess and understand their domestic circumstances. If there is a vacant almshouse the applicant may be offered accommodation straight away, but more often they will be placed on the waiting list according to the urgency of their needs.


The Almshouses are run by a charity which requires residents to be of modest means and good character.

‘Modest means’ usually equates to being entitled to Housing Benefit, and prospective residents are required to fill out an application form setting out their full financial position.

‘Good character’ is assessed in a number of ways including taking references, and an interview with the Almshouse Manager and the Clerk.

Prospective residents must be in reasonable health, and capable of independent living at the time of taking up residence.

We regret that no pets or children are allowed to reside at the Almshouses.

If you would like to register your interest for yourself or on behalf of a relative please complete this form so that we can contact you: Almshouses Enquiry Form