Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Dyers’ Company is committed to being an inclusive employer and supporter of greater diversity among its membership. The Company has a ‘no tolerance’ attitude to any form of discrimination based on age,  disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief.  The aim is to foster a culture where everyone is treated with consideration, respect and courtesy.

The Dyers’ Company is an old and historic entity which has evolved over many centuries to become the organisation that it is today.  While mindful of its heritage, the Company accepts it currently does not necessarily reflect modern society in the way that it might wish and realises that this is something which needs to be addressed.  To that end, the Company is actively considering measures and actions which it can take to support greater diversity among its membership.  This commitment extends across the organisation and at the highest levels to ensure that change does occur.

The Company gives financial support to the Society of Dyers and Colourists which offers education and training through apprenticeships and this can lead through further study to a professional qualification.  Apprenticeships are open to any industry employees including from under-represented and minority communities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.