The Company

Unlike most other Livery Companies the Dyers’ Company does not have a Master, but instead has two Wardens:  The Prime Warden and the Renter Warden.  Each is a 12 month term of office, with the holder elected annually in October.

The Prime Warden

Robert Scott Moncrieff LLB

The Prime Warden is the Chairman of the Company, responsible for steering the deliberations of the Court at their meetings, and during term of office, will represent the Company at a wide range of events, receptions and dinners both in London, throughout the UK and overseas.

The Prime Warden is elected in October and the term of office lasts 12 months from the first Wednesday in November.

The Prime Warden for 2021/22 is Robert Scott Moncrieff LLB, who took office at the November Court Meeting, following his election in October.

Robert Scott Moncrieff LLB Prime Warden

The Renter Warden

Bernard Cazenove TD

The Renter Warden is responsible for the ‘house-keeping’ of the Company; to supervise expenditure, oversee the accounts and undertake an annual audit of the Company’s wine cellars and valuables.  The Renter Warden also makes regular visits to the Company Almshouses.

Like the Prime Warden, the Renter Warden is elected each year; the outgoing Renter Warden usually being elected Prime Warden for the ensuing year.

Our Renter Warden for 2021/22 is Bernard Cazenove TD who also took office at the November Court Meeting.

Bernard Cazenove TD Renter Warden