The Dyers’ Company, in its desire to support the UK academic community in research into colour science and technology, invites applications for a sum of up to £25,000. The Company reserves the right to divide the total sum into more than one grant, if there are applications of sufficient merit.

If awarded, the grant will be a one-off payment and may be used to invest in extra resource for research projects, which may take the form of:

  • Purchase of new equipment;
  • Purchase of materials;
  • Temporary hiring of human resource;
  • Dissemination of research work (e.g. payments for publications, attendance at conferences by research staff).

Where appropriate, the grant may also be used as “matched funding” for the purchase of equipment which costs in excess of £25,000, for example, if an applicant has access to an additional source of funding.

The research areas considered include:

  • Improvement of dyeing (or printing) processes to improve efficiency and reduction of the environmental impacts of dyeing;
  • Development of novel dyes and pigments for either textile or non-textile products;
  • More sustainable novel methods for the scalable synthesis of dyes and pigments, that is the inclusion of “green” chemistry in terms of colorant manufacture;
  • The use of dyes or pigments as functional colorants in non-aesthetic applications, such as biomedicine, solar energy, photonics;
  • Development of novel methods of imparting colour to either textile or non-textile materials;
    Modification of textile materials to improve dyeability and/or technological performance;
    Colour vision and colour specification.

The deadline for applications is 31st March 2024.

Proposals submitted will be assessed by a panel of experts in the coloration field.  The decision of the assessment panel will be announced by 31st May 2024, with the funding available from 1st July 2024.

How to apply
Applications should be submitted online below. Should you have any queries, please email Jessica Aiers at

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